How Digital Marketing can help your Business during COVID-19


Before reading this article, will you please notice a common thing that is running now in our mails and all. Every kind of organizations on earth are emailing us about Corona Virus. Even shops you visited once three years ago also started sending out corona virus updates. Everyone is saying “Let’s get through this together”. Is this a smart jarring tactics of Online Marketing? Definitely Yes!!

The COVID-19 outbreak is a tragedy that will have widespread and long-lasting implications for humanity and to our global economy. A change in routine, different work settings, and social distancing have been tough for many. People are cooped up indoors and so, content is going to be the king during this pandemic. This Disease can able to showcase the value of IT and digital transformation and organizations should use this time to accelerate the transition. Let’s see the pros and cons that companies got after this dangerous corona:

Cons of COVID-19 on enterprises are:

  • The trouble to visit customers
  • Declination of sales performance
  • Inability to resume the production

Pros of COVID-19 on enterprises are:

  • Gained ability of online marketing and business development.
  • Wide recognition of the value of digital transformation and information technology among all employees
  • Increased corporate ability of long-distance collaborative work

COVID-19 is pushing digital transformation to the front of the line. The beauty of social media marketing during this pandemic is its ability to build effective communication channels through digital platforms. Now in all countries in the world, where the restrictions have been stronger, they have seen a surge in e-learning, streaming and online shopping. This is a wakeup call for organizations to initiate new customer accounts online. Anything online right now will be consumed more than ever before. This is not the time to be hidden online.

Here we are sharing some Online marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus:

  1. Keep In touch With Your Customers on Social Media During a Critical Moment
  2. Use Opportunities for a Special Offer advertisement
  3. Make Sure Your Business Can Be Found Online day and night
  4. Increase Ad spent during these days, because people are sitting home and engaging in social medias more than before.
  5. Share social awareness contents in these days.
  6. Prepare Your Business for a Bounce-Back after all these

The corona virus pandemic is about much more than the digital marketing industry. It’s about real lives being lost, physical suffering, and massive daily disruption in literally billions of peoples’ lives. It’s likely lead to significant change in how we work, how we socialize, how we entertain, how we shop, and how we live in general. Adberry also keeping the lights on so that our clients, and the part of the economy that we touch, can continue to do what needs to be done.