The Best Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow your Brand


With 1.16 billion audiences, we know Instagram delivers dramatic reach to content creators. It is a competitive platform; however, not impossible. Gone are the days where we used Newspapers, pamphlets, and television to advertise our products and business. The new trend is to sell your products and interaction on social media platforms mainly via Instagram Marketing.

Advertising and Marketing on Instagram are not as complicated as it sounds. All you need is a solid marketing strategy. So, we’ve got you covered with top 7 tips to help you excel.

  1. Know your Target Audience

Before you begin to do marketing, you must know your target audience. Know the age groups, incomes, and place. You can look at the pages similar to your business and hashtags. Analyze what kind of people follow their page.

  1. Analyze your Competitors Page

Once you know your target audience, you will have to analyze your competitor’s page. Analyze what kind of posts are posted by them, and which type receives the maximum response.

  1. Stay Connected with your Audience

Let your Instagram page or account be as approachable as possible. The more planned budget, the more followers and the new audience will be added to your page. Have the option for the followers to comment and share your posts. Be easy to find on the search as well.

  1. Appropriate Hashtags to be Used

To increase your target audience and grow your business, you will have to use the appropriate hashtags for people to find you quickly and always be in the know. Your hashtags have to be relevant to your posts. Few are better than none.

  1. Beware of the Right Time for your Post

Knowing the right time to publish your post is the ultimate strategy of marketing. Posting early morning or midnight will not increase your followers, and also, your posts can be overshadowed by other posts. So, it is better if you know when your audiences are active. That way, your audience can view, comment, and share your posts.

  1. Stay Consistent

After starting a business account on Instagram, the most important thing to do is stay consistent about your theme and share your posts. You can also allot a specific time to share on your posts.

  1. Make Customers out of your Followers

The moment you have achieved consistent and loyal followers, you can use specific strategies such as conducting contests, letting them try out your products, offering good discounts, promotions, offers, and showing a few glimpses of your upcoming products.

Happy Marketing, and good luck!

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