How To Launch A New Product Through Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Ideas

Stop stressing & start planning.”

A new product launch is just like a movie release; the audience decides its fate. Quality is the first thing that matters, but is that all? Obviously not! Digital marketing and promotions play a huge role here. 

Using different digital marketing channels and tools in this online era is crucial to ensure a victorious curtain-raiser of your product. How much you are going to profit, depends on how you promote. So, here are some tried and tested strategies to guarantee your product gets all the limelight it needs.

Take a look.

Pre-launch planning matters.

The planning phase is all about realizing what the audiences in social media channels are looking for, what they need & want from your product. So before jumping into the grand opening, ask yourself a few questions.

1.     How will your customer use your product?

2.     What are the features they would recommend?

3.     What could be the improvements they would be satisfied with?

4.     How is your new product better than your current product?

Once all these things have been sorted, you can now research and find how you are better than your competitors, and then, you can finally set up your digital marketing goals.

Find the target customers.

A new product is like a unique shiny toy, and everybody wants to know about it. But to escalate the launch success, you must ensure that your promotional tactics are appealing to the specific audience that will benefit from your product. Study the buying patterns of current customers, blog subscribers, or previous product buyers to find your target customers.

Once you know who these buyers are, you can now attract their attention with strategic advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Be customer-friendly.

The success of your product launch not only depends on how you launch it but where you launch it as well. For example, if you have an electronic shop that looks shady, no one is going to come, even if you keep the top-notch product, right? So make the website SEO optimized for driving traffic towards

you before the final launch. Make sure that the landing pages, FAQs, sales copy, slide decks, blog posts, email copy, lead capture forms, etc. are lined up before you hit the launch button.

Create buzz through emails, press releases, and content on social media channels.

Share! Share! Share! – with friends, colleagues, family, target customers, and let everyone start talking about your product. Remember that customers don’t get fooled by fancy words. Nowadays, they look for authentic information. Therefore, while creating hype for the product, you must hire a content writing agency for the emails, press releases, and all pre-launch ads. Also, ensure they are optimized for click-through rate, readability, open rate, and conversions. 

Spread the word strategically. 

Increase your chances of success by spreading the word through behind-the-scenes videos or instructional videos as well. This will help prospective customers be more familiar with the product. 

Lastly, marketing through a digital platform is an overwhelming process. If you need help, AdBerry brings together strategic planning and social amplification with SMM & SEO services so that you can encounter a triumphant new product launch. We are just a call away. Contact us now!